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March Calendar of Events

demoMarch - Our 12th Graduate - NATASHA WALKER

March 6, 2015- First Fridays with Oracle & Loretta Petit


Manifested Miracles now has its 501(c)(3)

demoManifested Miracles is excited to say that after 2 years of waiting we are officially a 501(c)(3).



Riva La Voy taped a television segment on Manifested Miracles

demoMs. La Voy taped a television segment on Manifested Miracles on Monday February 23, 2015 at Inner Sanctum on New Orleans Access Channel 76.                



Our Services


Miracles To Go - Convenient Store Items, Hot Food and Catering

Miracles To Go is a Corner Store that sells hot food, toiletries, can goods, drinks, chips and candy.  We are known for our Angel Wings.  We sell 5 flavors of wings, 3 types of salads, po-boy sandwiches and hot breakfast every morning.  The store also serves as the venue for our on-the-job training for the women in the program to do cooking, catering, retail and customer service.  The store also is one of the vehicles that we use to bring in revenue to support the women's program.  We also cater small and large events for personal or business use.  Give us a call at 504-301-1790 to place a to go order and call 504-301-1096 to book a catering order for your event.

Miracles To Go

Catering Menu

All prices were given to accommodate 50 people.

Jambalaya w/Sausage (50)                                                                                     $  50.00

Jambalaya w/Seafood  (50)                                                                                   $   75.00

Red Beans or White Beans (50)                                                                             $   40.00

White Rice (50)                                                                                                      $   20.00

Mini Sausage or Mini Meatballs (50)                                                                       $  45.00

Fried or Baked Chicken            (100 pieces)                                                           $100.00

Wings (5 Flavors) (100 pieces)

                Fried, Barbecue, Lemon Pepper, Hot, Spicy Barbecue                             $  75.00

Fried or Baked Pork Chops (50)                                                                              $  75.00

Fish (Tilapia) (50)                                                                                                  $  75.00

Fish (Catfish) (50)                                                                                                   $150.00

Sandwiches (ham, turkey, roast beef) (100)                                                            $  35.00

Sandwiches (Tuna or chicken) (100)                                                                      $  45.00  

Green Salad or Potato Salad (50)                                                                             $  30.00

Macaroni & Cheese (50)                                                                                          $  40.00

Shrimp Pasta                                                                                                            $  75.00

Chicken & Spinach Pasta                                                                                          $  50.00

Green Peas & Green Beans (50)                                                                              $  30.00

Fries (50)                                                                                                                $  35.00

Peach Cobbler or Cake (50)                                                                                     $  30.00

Cornbread large pan (50)                                                                                        $  25.00

Steak Dinners (Potatoes & Veggie)                                                                         $  30.00each plate

Cheese Tray w/Crackers                                                                                            $  50.00

Small Fruit Tray                                                                                                        $  40.00

Large Fruit Tray                                                                                                        $  55.00


Lawn Care Maintenance

We also provide lawn and maintenance care for your home or small business.  This is also an avenue for us to provide on-the-job training to the ladies.  Call Riva La Voy at 504-252-8290 or Ranata Barrier at 504-450-9270 to get an estimate on your lawn services or to set up an appointment to meet with us.  Currently we are contracted through Century 21 to provide lawncare for several of their rental properties and a few personal clients.

Cleaning Services - Businesses & Homes

Manifested Miracles will provide quality and professional services to clean your home or small business.  There is no job to big or small.  We will provide excellent care to your homes or business.  Currently we provide services to clients like the Pure Beauty Salon, Crescent City Club, Sanders Rental Properties and a few private home owners.  To call for an estimate or an appointment please call Riva La Voy 504-252-8290 or Ranata 504-450-9270.




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