Manifested Miracles' Welcomes You!!!!


Womens' Transformation

demoManifested Miracles  is a 7 month live in Transformation Program to help women to come into and maintain their sobriety from drugs, alcohol, hopelessness and homelessness.  


Rebuilding Lives

demoManifested Miracles is "Rebuilding Lives One Miracle At A Time".  We provide Biblical 12 Step Program, Computer Training Classes, On The Job Training, Current Event Classes, Bible Study, Arts & Crafts and Life Skills.

Miracles To Go

demoMiracles To Go is the corner store that supports the Women's Ministry and is used as a vehicle for on-the-job training for the women in the program.  It also serves as a funding source for our program.   You can reach us at 504-301-1790



March Calendar of Events

demoMarch - Our 12th Graduate - NATASHA WALKER

March 6, 2015- First Fridays with Oracle & Loretta Petit


Manifested Miracles now has its 501(c)(3)

demoManifested Miracles is excited to say that after 2 years of waiting we are officially a 501(c)(3).



Riva La Voy taped a television segment on Manifested Miracles

demoMs. La Voy taped a television segment on Manifested Miracles on Monday February 23, 2015 at Inner Sanctum on New Orleans Access Channel 76.                


Welcome to Manifested Miracles Website


I, Riva La Voy, Founder & Overseer, would like to personally welcome you to our Manifested Miracles website.  Here you can learn all about our holistic approach to full deliverance in every area of our lives.  The vision of Manifested Miracles originated, from my childhood till now, full of many obstacles & situations that were seemingly hopeless & impossible; however, with God, I have experienced Miracle after Miracle!!

Through my life, representing many Manifested Miracles, I have a passion to help other women to gain hope & become a Miracle!  All that God allows us to accomplish thru our ministry would not be possible without my faithful friend, mentor, & tag team roll dog, Elder Ranata Barrier.  Elder Barrier, is the Executive Director of the ministry. We are both elders that have a passion for the least unlikely, the under dogs, seeing what God sees, due to our own impossible lives.  Truly, we are living examples that God will use the foolish things to confound the wise (I Corinthians 1:27)!

If you would like to know more about the Miracles at Manifested Miracles or be a contributor, please enjoy each page of our website full of a plethora of knowledge about this extraordinary, God given ministry, “Rebuilding Lives…One Miracle at a Time!”

Please check out the documentary "Passion of Manifested Miracles" at 

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