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March Calendar of Events

demoMarch - Our 12th Graduate - NATASHA WALKER

March 6, 2015- First Fridays with Oracle & Loretta Petit


Manifested Miracles now has its 501(c)(3)

demoManifested Miracles is excited to say that after 2 years of waiting we are officially a 501(c)(3).



Riva La Voy taped a television segment on Manifested Miracles

demoMs. La Voy taped a television segment on Manifested Miracles on Monday February 23, 2015 at Inner Sanctum on New Orleans Access Channel 76.                


Riva La Voy - Founder of Manifested Miracles


 Riva's Current Picture

                                            Riva La Voy’s Biography

 Riva is a product of a bi-racial relationship, whose mother is Caucasian, and her mother’s family hated African Americans. She has never had the opportunity to meet her father. She did not know either side of her family, but grew up with her mother who was also dealing with rejection and depression. Riva spent most of her childhood raising herself, due to major physical, emotional, and sexual abuse that she and her mother had to experience. At age 14 she was drawn to a Christian family and the church, accepting Jesus as her Lord and Savior. However, the man of this family sexually abused her and she exposed it. After this painful ordeal, she still had an interest in gaining a deeper relationship with God, finding herself another church home where the Pastor’s son raped her, taking her virginity, at only 14 years old. She then later spent most of her teen life in and out of foster homes and eventually on her own. At age 16 she was in a car accident that left her confined to a wheelchair. To date she has been in 10 car accidents (not the driver for most of them and at fault in one). She suffered life threatening illnesses, as well as, major depression triggering several suicide attempts. Her most recent obstacle was being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, having numerous lesions found in her brain, damaging the nerve cells and causing many more health complications.

Through Riva’s many obstacles she still would get back up desiring to fulfill her purpose in God. In 1999, at age 22, she moved from Hawaii to New Orleans obeying God’s call to move. After coming to New Orleans, she became ill and was hospitalized for 6 months, and bedridden for 3 months. A year later, after recovering from her illness and spending a lot of time with God, she fully accepted the mandate as a minister and started the process of ministerial alliance, serving in the church to her fullest capacity. While serving in New Orleans, she also dealt with poverty, rejection, abuse, Hurricane Katrina, but surviving all with God’s divine help. She is now an ordained Elder (Preaching & Evangelizing) and a Motivational Speaker (At various schools and churches).

Throughout her life’s process, God has miraculously blessed her where she was able to break the family generational curse by graduating from high school and obtaining a few college degrees. Her mother never knew how to drive, but Riva conquered learning to drive at 28 years old, even though she is in a wheelchair. SHE HAS LEARNED HOW TO MAKE EVERY OBSTACLE AN OPPORTUNITY. After 18 years, she was compensated for her 1staccident and is giving back to the community by starting the ministry (Manifested Miracles, in Aug. 2011) that God has given to her. The ministry helps women who have drug addictions, face domestic abuse, and/or homeless. She is also the owner of a Real Estate Business called Manifested Miracles Properties, LLC, supporting small businesses. Also, she has recently sold her home to purchase an event hall, Miracles, to bring in more revenue and job opportunities to help support the Women’s Transformation Ministry. Her heart’s desire is to see God “Rebuild lives one miracle at a time.”


See the video of the "Passion of Manifested Miracles" http://www.m.youtube.be/hA-MeB7OqmQ





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