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March Calendar of Events

demoMarch - Our 12th Graduate - NATASHA WALKER

March 6, 2015- First Fridays with Oracle & Loretta Petit


Manifested Miracles now has its 501(c)(3)

demoManifested Miracles is excited to say that after 2 years of waiting we are officially a 501(c)(3).



Riva La Voy taped a television segment on Manifested Miracles

demoMs. La Voy taped a television segment on Manifested Miracles on Monday February 23, 2015 at Inner Sanctum on New Orleans Access Channel 76.                


On The Job Training

All clients receive on-the-job training in areas of working the corner store, catering, assisting in the office, cleaning homes and businesses and/or lawn care services.

7-Month Live In Program

All clients are required to stay in the program for 7 months, complete required cirriculum, training, journaling and stay sober.  A certificate is given once the program is completed.


Due to the high cost of living and the cost of supplying food, toiletries, paper goods, books, bibles and study materials, we ask for assistance with donations.  You can make monetary donations or sponsor a woman for a month or for the full 7 months.  See our donations page.

Our Program Includes:


·         Biblical 12 Step Class:  Biblical Based 12 Step Recovery Program.  There are 7 categories under each Step.  The tools used for the 12 Step Program is the “Life Recovery” Bible and the Recovery Workbook.  

·         Continuing Education – Math, Grammar, Parts of Speech, Essay Writing, Current Events, Thinking Maps

·         Financial Literacy – Our participants learn how to open a bank account, write a check, begin saving money, and create a personal/family budget.

·         Basic Computer Course.  Creating Word Documents, Filling Out Forms and Working on the Internet.

·         Self-advocacy:  Workshops help our participants to develop interviewing skills, write resumes, and learn the importance of professional dress.  Our participants employ these skills not only as they seek a job, but through careers as they seek to move up the employment ladder.

·         Proprietary skills:  Manifested Miracles provides each participant with the basic business skills required for an entry level job.  These skills are honed and developed on internship, where participants also have the benefit of a month-long “on-the-job” interview.

·         Net-working : Manifested Miracles routinely welcomes motivational speakers, business leaders, and other resources in the community to help participants build their personal and professional networks.

·         Job Support: Post job placement, Manifested Miracles works with participants to help them successfully navigate workplace concerns and achieve employment stability.

·         Group Meetings:  Group sessions to hear concerns or ideas to help the clients.  Clients can share through Journal Writing, Poetry, Music and/or Testimony.

·         Bible Study:  To enrich the particpants through biblical teaching and understanding.





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