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March Calendar of Events

demoMarch - Our 12th Graduate - NATASHA WALKER

March 6, 2015- First Fridays with Oracle & Loretta Petit


Manifested Miracles now has its 501(c)(3)

demoManifested Miracles is excited to say that after 2 years of waiting we are officially a 501(c)(3).



Riva La Voy taped a television segment on Manifested Miracles

demoMs. La Voy taped a television segment on Manifested Miracles on Monday February 23, 2015 at Inner Sanctum on New Orleans Access Channel 76.                


Manifested Miracles Mission & Vision


Manifested Miracles' corporate mission is to provide a seven (7) month live in transformation program to help women embrace sobriety, rebuild their lives and restore their connection with God through a faith based, biblical approach. All women will participate in worship services, individual and group counseling sessions, life skills workshops, and job skills training. We will help them excel and endure through spiritual, academic tutoring, behavioral modification, job readiness, self-sufficiency, housing, homeownership, financial and business training. These programs will provide opportunities for women in the program to acquire the knowledge, skills, desirable qualities of behavior and character, wisdom and general competence that will enable them to fully participate and enjoy the social, economic and intellectual life of the community. We will provide classes on deliverance, Bible Study, how to overcome addictions, how to overcome rejection, pulling down strongholds, walking by faith and living as a disciple. We will also be feeding and clothing the homeless each week. We will assist in job placement as the skills courses are completed.

Miracles to Go - (Funding Resource for Women's Transformation Program)
Miracles to Go is a convenient store owned and operated by Manifested Miracles for the funding source of the Women's Program. The store will serve hot lunches 6 days a week and it will also have salads. It will sell snacks, drinks, small household supplies, basic groceries and toiletries. The women living in the program will assist in the operation of the store.




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